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Moulded Full Depth

Our moulded full depth tops include wave, ocean and oval options.

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Moulded Ensuite

The Ensuite range complements your tight spaces with comfort and ease.

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Moulded Semi Recessed

Full size bowl and bench when room space is a premium in smaller areas.

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Moulded Corner

Turning the wasted area in the corners of small bathrooms into useful space.

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Moulded Banjo

Designed to extend the vanity bench top across the head or foot of the bathtub.

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Acrylic Monaco Grande

The Monarco Top is manufactured from a high quality sanitary grade acrylic.

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Polymarble Slab (Full Depth)

The Showerama polymarble slab has all of the great benefits of cultured marble.

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Ceasarstone Drop In

Beautiful bathroom, beautiful vanities, beautiful ceasarstone top.

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