Slimline Semi Frameless (300 Series)

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Creating a spacious open look.

The Slimeline Semi Frameless (300 Series) shower screens are truly semi-frameless with a slimline frame running around the perimeter and featuring an inline frameless door.

Whilst using heat-toughened safety glass the screen also uses a dual pivoting system allowing the door to open inside and out for great convenience and gives you the great feel of having safe Showerama products in your bathroom.

The Slimeline Semi Frameless (300 Series) has a unique pivot design that allows for a totally frameless door. Utilising a stainless steel pivot pin the 300 series shower screen provides trouble free safe operation.


  • Custom made to measure
  • All panels fitted with safety glass
  • Enhanced by an aluminium slimline frame
  • Low maintenance with smooth contoured profiles
  • Smooth contoured profiles minimise soap and residue accumulation
  • Has quality engineered fittings


  • The Slimeline Semi Frameless (300 Series) is available in an inline door unit
  • The Slimeline Semi Frameless (300 Series) is available in 11 different styles

Note: Our Sliding Doors (200 Series) showerscreens require professional measurements to ensure they are made correctly. It is for this reason that they are only supplied and installed in South East QLD and Far North NSW (Gympie to Coffs Harbour).













  • White
  • Black (Additional Costs Apply)
  • Bright Silver
  • White Birch
  • Satin
  • Clear
  • Tint
  • Soft White
  • Bronze
  • Grey Tint
  • Acid
  • Obscure

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